Glass City Community Solar is responsible for over 280 KW of solar on 10 section 8 housing buildings! We ensure all of these arrays are operating to their fullest by coordinating with building staff to perform repairs ourselves or contact outside professionals as needed. 

GCCS’s first complete installation was at Madonna Homes and was celebrated by a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 3rd, 2017, even receiving Mayoral recognition! A tour of the array was also held for interested University of Toledo Students

Now, years later, out of our projects Oblates Residences is actively funding our efforts, with more projects to join it soon. Most notable among the list is 629 Locust Street, finished in September of 2020, which was our first “ground-up” fully GCCS led install utilizing our solar project model.

Our Projects Throughout Toledo

Oblate Residences
69 kW

918 N. Michigan St.
55 kW

Madonna Homes
51 kW

629 Locust St.
46 kW

815 N. Ontario St.
27 kW

721 LaGrange St.
14 kW

935 N. Superior St.
7 kW

702 Walnut St.
6 kW

824 N. Superior St.
5 kW

901 & 907 N. Huron St.
4 kW

Not only has our solar project model made clean energy a reality for these locations, but it is the backbone of our organization! It allows us to continue the work we do supporting Toledo’s sustainable development.