Our Model

Glass City Community Solar aims to establish a sustainable economic model consisting of power purchase agreements (PPAs) that divert a fraction of the financial benefits of our arrays into a continuous fund for future installations and activities. We also partner with investors to take advantage of available renewable energy credits, as well as accept individual donations.


Cost Sharing & Renewable Energy Tax Credit Harvesting

GCCS finances arrays by utilizing grants, fundraising, and previous array revenue and partnering with third-party investors or development firms. The third party shares the cost in exchange for the renewable energy tax credits (RETCs) that non-profits are unable to utilize.

Array Lifetime

PPA & Array Ownership Transition

GCCS coordinates with solar installers and oversees the process from start to finish. We also are responsible for the arrays operation throughout its lifetime. After a mandatory 5-year period of ownership for the third-party investor to obtain RETCs, ownership and power purchase agreement (PPA) are transferred to GCCS. 

Building A Revolving Fund

Project Revenue Fuels New Arrays & GCCS Outreach Activities

PPA revenue supports GCCS operations and future projects. Momentum from projects in our portfolio will build on itself and  increase the rate of development and community support we can provide.