Solar in Our Community

We primarily partner with the management of subsidized housing to install solar power systems that will benefit low-income residents. However, GCCS is happy to consider taking part in any project that leads to more carbon-free solar in our community. 

We are able to design and evaluate potential solar arrays for larger commercial projects. Is your business or organization interested in solar? Give us a call! 

We can also assist in smaller solar projects such as community gardens and educational demonstrations (see our Outreach page for examples!).

Solar on Your House

Rooftop solar is a great way to lower your personal carbon footprint. Unfortunately, Glass City Community Solar is not directly involved in the installation of rooftop solar on residential housing. 

Fortunately, we are able to refer you to useful resources and trusted installers so that you can make the best decisions about solar on your rooftop or property.

First, we recommend this page, 40 Questions to Ask an Installer,” from the American Solar Energy Society.

Then, we recommend YellowLite and Stoneacre Energy Solutions as two fantastic installers with whom we’ve worked before.